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Royal Honey For Her Combo (20 Sachets)

This royal honey combo is a fit for a true queen, this pack of 20 sachets is an assortment of our best-selling honey. The combo includes 5 different types of sexual enhancing honey sourced directly from the best honey cultivators in Turkey and Malaysia. Thick in consistency and delicious in taste, the contents of each of these sachets will feed your body with the nourishment it needs to fulfill all its sexual needs.

The honey works by stimulating your mind and increasing arousal, while also increasing Estrogen to enhance your feminine vitality. It further increases the production of natural vaginal lubrication to enhance the feelings of intercourse and increase the frequency and quality of orgasms. In the quest to enhancing your sex life, Royal Honey is a true must-have.

Product Benefits:

  • Improves sexual pleasure
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Enhances sexual activity in menopausal
  • Tightens vaginal muscles
  • Country of Origin: MADE IN MALAYSIA & TURKEY

What’s Included?

  • 4 sachets of Lady In Red Royal Honey 20 grams Each.
  • 4 sachets of Pink Pussycat Honey 15 grams Each.
  • 4 sachets of Vitomax Royal Honey 15 grams Each.
  • 4 sachets of Etumax Plus Royal Honey 5 grams Each.
  • 4 sachets of Helmi Royal Honey 5 grams Each.