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Organic Honey Candy Power For Man (60 ct.)

Make the intimate moments with your partner last longer and feel better. Our Organic Honey Candy enriches your body with a sudden boost of vitality and stamina so you can enjoy your romantic pleasures without the struggles of burnout or an unwelcoming early climax. Each sachet is filled with the most potent and natural source of sexual power and testosterone—Royal Honey—that is filled with rich floral nectar and a mix of select roots to maximize the effect.

Product Benefits:

  • Increases sexual desire.
  • Strengthens the erection without feeling tired.
  • Boosts self confidence due to a stable sexual performance.
  •  Increases testosterone levels.
  • Decreases prostate issues and illnesses in the man’s productive system.
  • Country of Origin: MADE IN MALAYSIA 

What’s Included?

  • 10 Packs of 6 pieces Each